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key cutting and programming for vehicle prepartation and pdi centres

The Problem

Prep centres are fast-paced environments. With so many vehicles arriving on-site, passing through inspection and various workshops; ensuring repairs are carried out quickly and to acceptable standards is vital to ensure backlogs do not occur. Whether vehicles arrive on-site as non-runners from auction, spares do not arrive with book-packs or losses / damages occur during prep, keys can cause major issues in preparation turnaround. Main dealer channels are expensive, require a range of documentation to order and can take weeks to arrive, then there’s recovery and programming to arrange.

Our Solution

Car Key Network provides same day, on-site key repair, replacement and programming for 95% of all vehicles, covering many no other third party can by connecting directly to a manufacturer's online platforms. All keys supplied are genuine parts by default and all work carried out falls in line with a manufacturers recommended schedule by approved engineers. For the select few vehicles which require a dealer supplied key as the only option, we provide key programming only services meaning vehicles don’t need to be recovered to a main dealer. Additionally, for most vehicles (including hybrid / EV) which require module changes when keys are lost, we are able to provide direct programming without changing modules often resulting in £1000s of savings.

Why utilize our network?

  • Largest selection of keys in the UK
  • Dealer Level Services On Site
  • Same Day or Next Day Service
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Quick & Simple Booking Procedure
  • Genuine & Aftermarket Parts
  • Main Dealer Benchmarked Rates
  • Dealer Key Programming
  • Parts Department Software Integration
  • Special Order Items

Specialist Support

A large proportion of our workload is providing support to prep and PDI centres. We understand that parts departments have hundreds if not thousands of small tasks to complete each day. It is for this reason we offer Parts Department Integration Software free of charge to all prep customers, allowing parts teams to request quotes, provide authorisation and receive updates without picking up the phone. All information is transmitted through secure channels and accessible to all relevant team members. Additionally, through relationships with main dealer agents, we are able to source and acquire dealer supplied locks and pre-coded keys as Special Order Items at cost price where required.

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