Specialist Support: Vehicle Hire

Providing both short and long term hire vehicles with reactive vehicle key support. Minimising repair costs whilst maximising customer retention and rental revenue.

"Say goodbye to recovery costs and loss of hire revenue."

replacement car keys for vehicle rental agenices

The Problem

In such a competitive market, maximising rental revenue and customer retention is equally as vital as it is challenging, especially when unexpected faults occur. Rental customers lose more keys than anyone else. When a key is lost or damaged the customer not only foots the bill, they are unable to use the vehicle until it’s repaired. For the rental agency missing keys can result in recovery costs and weeks of lost rental revenue waiting for keys to arrive. For your commercial customers vehicle downtime means both a loss of earnings and often additional, replacement hire costs.

Our Solution

Car Key Network provides nationwide, roadside rescue to ensure vehicle key faults are rectified swiftly. Helping your customers keep moving and your vehicles on hire. We also provide branches with spare keys by appointment to make sure a back-up key is always available.

Why utilize our network?

  • Largest selection of keys in the UK
  • Minimised Fault to Repair Timescales
  • Minimises Loss of Hire Revenue
  • Genuine Parts by Default
  • Main Dealer Benchmarked Rates
  • Quick & Simple Booking Procedure
  • Nationwide Roadside Rescue
  • Spare Keys by Appointment
  • Backup Key Stocking / Restocking
  • Secure Shipping Service

Specialist Support

Many hire firms store spare keys at branch or at head office for safekeeping. With the support of our delivery partner (UPS) we provide Secure Shipping Services arranging the secure collection and return of back-up keys to and from any destination in the UK, meaning a new key can be produced by the roadside and the customer is never in possession of both sets of keys. For hire companies looking to secure replacement keys across fleet, we offer Backup Key Stocking / Restocking attending multiple branches over several days during scheduled downtime hours to produce spare keys.

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