Specialist Support: Remarketing & Auction

We work with some of the largest remarketing firms in the UK. Providing specialist vehicle key support to ensure an assets sale value accurately reflects its age and condition.

"Maximise sale value without compromising turnaround."

replacement car keys for remarketing and vehicle auctions

The Problem

Whether we’re talking fleet disposal, end of lease or finance repossessions, the objective is the same; prep to a high standard and resale at the highest value in the shortest time frame. Complications arise when prep becomes expensive or drawn out waiting for parts. Keys supplied via main dealer channels are expensive and can take upwards of 3 weeks to arrive. Include recovery costs and booking in for programming and the process quickly becomes unprofitable.

Our Solution

At Car Key Network we work with a range of remarketing, reconditioning and preparation facilities across the country to provide on-site, mobile key replacement ( total lost and spares ), helping to maximise sale value within KPI timescales. In the majority of cases we’re able to supply, cut and program keys to any vehicle within 24-48 hours, ensuring units are turned around quickly and achieve target margins.

Why utilize our network?

  • Largest selection of keys in the UK
  • Dealer level programming capabilities
  • Same Day or Next Day Service
  • Nationwide On Site Support
  • Total Lost & Spare Keys
  • Quick & Simple Booking Procedure
  • Genuine & Aftermarket Parts
  • Main Dealer Benchmarked Rates
  • White Label Reselling
  • Off Site Intercept Services
  • Aftersales Support

Specialist Support

• White Label Reselling arrangements enable remarketers to offer a complete range of vehicle key services to both sellers and buyers either as part of a reconditioning process or as an optional extra post-sale. Specialist feedback reporting is also available for key accounts.

• Off-Site Intercept Services are available for sites receiving vehicles through various nationwide distribution channels, providing replacement keys for vehicles in a total lost scenario at relay depots up and down the country. Helping operations run smoothly when vehicles arrive on site for inspection and cataloging.

• Aftersales Support is also available for buyers purchasing keyless vehicles either on-site before they are scheduled for collection, or when they arrive at their destination anywhere in the UK.

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