Specialist Support: Corporate Fleets

Working alongside fleet management to reduce unscheduled downtime costs and improve upon efficiency.

"A single implementation to save £1000's in unscheduled downtime."

key cutting and programming for corporate fleets

The Problem

Ensuring vehicles remain operational is a task fleet management knows all too well. Efficiency is everything and rarely does a single implementation produce significant savings. Even if fleet managers budget for unscheduled downtime, that doesn’t improve overall efficiency or reduce maintenance / repair costs. In reality budgets rarely meet requirements leading to an inability to fulfil services, replacement vehicle costs, additional personnel costs and increased demand on the remaining fleet. Combined these costs for most SME fleets exceed £700 pvpd.

Our Solution

Direct communication lines between fleet management teams and our support desk provides nationwide, reactive support when assets experience vehicle key faults. With our network of engineers able to produce keys and repair faults on-site, the same day, we help to reduce vehicle key related downtime into several hours compared to several weeks via main dealer channels.

Why utilize our network?

  • Nationwide Roadside Rescue
  • On-site Key Cutting & Programming
  • Reduced Unscheduled Downtime Costs
  • Improved Fleet Efficiency
  • 90% + Faults Repaired Same Day
  • Genuine & Aftermarket Keys Available
  • Dedicated Central Support Desk
  • Backup Key Stocking / Restocking
  • Secure Shipping Service

Specialist Support

Ultimately, the best way to protect against vehicle downtime is to ensure the fleet holds spare keys for each vehicle, even if that’s a plain (standard) style key without buttons. Whether it be a planned rollout at the point of vehicle acquisition or the result of an unexpected fault, Backup Key Restocking is something we provide regularly. Engineers are able to attend multiple depots over several days during scheduled downtime hours to produce spare keys. We then offer a Secure Shipping Service delivering backup keys to depots and head offices around the country if required.

We also provide Backup Key Stocking services, producing additonal keys for newly acquired vehicles. This can be arranged at any location throghout the UK, but in our experience works best at the import centre when vehicles arrive to the country. In these instances we are happy to liaise with dealerships to attend the vehiles and produce new keys at the point of PDI.

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