Specialist Support: Breakdown & Recovery

Secure roadside assistance by approved and vetted engineers, keeping customers informed and on the road.

"Outsourced, roadside support as professional and secure as your own."

replacement car keys for breakdown and vehicles by the roadside

The Problem

With thousands of vehicle faults occurring each week, finding the most cost effective means of recovery and repair at scale can be strenuous. Parts for almost any vehicle are readily available nationwide, with the exception of keys and programming. Until now, sourcing roadside key replacement has proved so difficult that many still opt for recovery, increasing costs and leaving customers with unresolved faults. Or, resort to using non-vetted locksmiths from Google, or via third party call centers. Adding a serious security risk to their customers and the insurance industry.

Our Solution

Car Key Network provides roadside key replacement through our network of 80+ approved and vetted, mobile engineers. Repairing 90% of vehicles by the roadside and keeping customers moving without compromising security. Additionally, our engineers all operate clean and respectable vehicles, coordinated via our central support desk through standardised services, extending the professional image of your brand.

Why utilize our network?

  • Nationwide Roadside Rescue
  • Approved & Vetted Mobile Engineers
  • 90% + Faults Repaired Same Day
  • Dedicated Central Support Desk
  • Quick & Simple Booking Procedure
  • Benchmarked Rates
  • Professional Extension of Your Brand
  • Third Party Liaison Services
  • Comprehensive Completion Reports

Specialist Support

Keeping customers with roadside faults calm and updated requires constant communication. Which is why we provide a Third Party Liaison Service. When a fault is passed to ourselves, our support desk picks up communications, informing the customer of attendance timescales, the repair process and details of their engineer. Comprehensive Completion Reports are then issued back to your technical teams to confirm when bookings are complete.

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