Vehicle Preparation Facilties

Helping you to keep up with large quality and timescale output demands by assigning dedicated, expert engineers to carry out reliable on-site support at scale.

Your Problems

Preparation facilities are fast-paced environments. With so many vehicles arriving on-site, passing through inspection and workshops; ensuring repairs are carried out quickly and to acceptable standards is vital to ensuring a quality product is produced at the backend and backlogs do not occur.

Whether vehicles arrive on-site without keys, the vendor requests additional keys or general losses / damages occur, keys can cause major issues in preparation turnaround.

Main dealer channels are expensive, require a range of documentation to order and then there’s booking, delivery and programming to arrange.

Local car locksmith services cannot cater for a complete range of vehicles any / or keep up with demand - resulting in output timescales being delayed or vehicles not meeting the clients required standards.

Brining external contractors onto site also opens up a large and complex range of aftermarket part and programming possibilities, ranging from safe repairs with OEM parts and equipment to dangerous repairs which cause irrepairable digital damage to vehicles.

  • Key related issues cause major backlogs to preparation output.
  • Main dealer repair channels are expensive and time consuming.
  • Local car locksmiths cannot keep up with demand output.
  • Dangerous aftermarket repairs cause permanent vehicle damage.

Our Solution

Car Key Network supplies around 6000 Vehicle Key Repairs per annum to the vehicle preparation space.

Site Operations

Operating as a reliable external contractor providing a complete range of OEM parts and programming methods, dedicated engineers provide on-site support for between 5 and 100 vehicles per week, per site.

Experienced in supplying replacement keys and programming at scale, our site operations are designed to help you keep up with large output demands without a single error occurring.

All repairs performed are dealer level services, safe to be performed on any vehicle - ensuring the client receives a an approved-used level quality product at the end of the process.


To assist inspection, parts, workshop and management teams in processing a large number of repairs with an external supplier, our Portal provides the ability to price repairs, estimate ETAs, authorise works and track performance timescales without sending emails or spreadhsheets back and forth.

  • Dedicated engineers provide expert on-site support.
  • Processing of 5-100 vehicles per week without error.
  • Designed to help you keep up with quality and demand.
  • An online Portal reduces man-hours and processing errors.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Vehicle Preparation customers benefit mostly from our Site Based customer experience option.

   Site Based

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