Rental & Contract Hire

Helping to protect your assets from theft whilst keeping your customers happy with a range of support services for lost, spare and damaged key related faults.

Your Problems

Rental customers lose around twice as many keys as normal drivers.

When a key is lost or damaged by a customer, they are unable to use the vehicle until it’s repaired - resulting in unhappy customers.

For your commercial clients, unscheduled vehicle downtime means lost revenue due to an inability to fulfil services and the opportunity to 'go elsewhere' for their replacement vehicle.

For you as an agency, lost or stolen keys poses a risk of assets being stolen or broken into, expensive recovery costs and weeks of lost rental revenue waiting for keys to arrive.

Providing spare keys to customers following an occurrance pacifies the customer but also means your asset is at greater risk should the spare key be lost or damaged as well.

  • Rental customers lose twice as many keys as normal drivers.
  • Unscheduled downtime for commercial clients has a large impact on their business.
  • Unhappy customers look elsewhere when unable to use a vehicle.
  • Your assets in the field are are at an immediate risk of break-in or theft.

Our Solutions

Car Key Network supports Rental and Contract Hire vehicles, supplying around 1000 Vehicle Key Services per year to the rental vehicles.

Field Operations

Via our network of more than 50 vetted and approved subcontractors, we provide reactive roadside support for vehicles in the field and vehicles recovered back to branches following the loss or damage of a key.

Secure Parts Shipping

In occasions where you have a spare key back at branch or head office, we can arrange to collect the spare key from you, attend the vehicle to produce another key for the customer and ship the the spare back to you for safekeeping. Meaning your spare remains 'active' and the customer is never in possession of both keys.

Free Security Renewals

Where keys have been lost or stolen, we also perform a D-VSD Security Renewal service free of charge, disabling the lost or stolen key so that it cannot be used to steal the vehicle in the future.

  • Reactive roadside and branch support lost and spare keys.
  • Keys supplied for a complete range of cars and LCV anywhere in the UK.
  • Free D-VSD Security Renewal services for lost or stolen keys.
  • Secure shipping of spare keys to ensure customers are never in possession of all keys.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Rental and Contract Hire customers benefit mostly from our Consumer, Commercial and Workshop customer experience options.




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