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Helping you to better serve your customers by providing direct communication lines between your fault technical teams and our support desk.

Your Problems

The facilitation of SMR is often where the most value is provided to externally managed fleets, especially where unexpected faults are concerned.

Thankfully, most repairs can be rectified swiftly via approved service centres however, the same cannot be said for vehicle key and security related faults.

Ordering replacement keys via main dealer channels is a complicated and lengthy process, adding frustration and further increasing costs.

Where vehicles or keys have been stolen, ensuring the clients' assets are not at risk of future theft has to be a major concern for lease and fleet management operators.

Alternatively, sourcing unregulated car key specialists directly from Google search brings with it a range of very real security risks.

  • Vehicle key related faults cannot be resolved quickly resulting in unhappy drivers.
  • Unscheduled downtime costs commercial customers upwards of £700 per vehicle per day.
  • Sourcing replacement keys via main dealer channels is a slow process.
  • Ensuring assets are secure following key or vehicle theft is a major concern.

Our Solutions

Car Key Network provides nationwide Vehicle Key Services and Vehicle Security Renewals supporting the operations of large fleets.

Vehicle Key Services

Direct communication lines between fault technical teams, your client's drivers and our support desk provides nationwide, reactive support when assets experience vehicle key faults - reducing vehicle key related unscheduled downtime into several hours compared to several weeks via main dealer channels.

Vehicle Security Renewals

In occasions where assets or keys for assets have been stolen, we are able to re-secure any car or LCV by digital or mechanical means - disabling any missing, lost or stolen keys so that they cannot be used to gain entry to a vehicle or drive a vehicle away using a stolen key.

  • Reactive roadside support to quickly resolve key and lock related faults occurring in the field.
  • Certificated Security Renewal services re-securing vehicles and providing evidence of confirmation.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Leasing & Fleet Management customers benefit mostly from our Commercial and Consumer customer experience options.



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