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Helping you to better serve your customers and identify genuine / fraudulent security related claims by providing the methods and means to control and track the security status of Policyholders vehicles.

Your Problems

In 2012-2013, vehicle crime in the UK fell to it's lowest point since 1970. Moving forward to present day vehicle crime is now at an all time high - with more than 75,000 vehicles reported as being stolen in 2020-2021.

Due to the lack of regulatory systems surrounding the access and use of vehicle security data in the UK, advice from Police and Insurance on the subject primarily surrounds the best practices to manage vehicle theft, rather than methods for prevention.

All used vehicles which have undergone an Exchange of Control are at risk of unwanted access or theft using compromised Vehicle Security Data (VSD) - much the same as houses which have undergone ownership change but have not yet changed their locks.

Shortfalls surrounding the proof of a vehicles security status following vehicle break-in or theft provide for an unfair trading arrangement for both Policyholders and Insurers - resulting in genuine claims not being paid out for Policyholders and fraudulent claims paid out on behalf of Insurers.

  • Overall vehicle crime in the UK has risen to an all time in less than 10 years.
  • A lack of industry support systems creates unfair trading arrangements for Policyholders and Insurers.
  • The vast majority of used vehicles in the UK are at risk of unwanted access and theft.
  • Fraudulent claims are paid out to Policyholders following vehicle access or theft and genuine claims are unfairly unpaid.

Our Solution

Backed by the Vehicle Security Renewal Framework Car Key Network provides Vehicle Security Renewals for cars and LCV's nationwide.

Vehicle Security Renewals

Developed in partnership with an industry certification body, Car Key Network has worked since 2020 to create automotive regulatory systems and vehicle-safe security repair procedures which can be performed to re-establish and trace the security status of a vehicle at any point during a vehicle's lifecycle.

Together these security repair procedures are the equivalent to changing the locks on a house after moving in - they revoke any digital and / or mechanical vehicle security data which is not currently in the hands of the registered owner, keeper or controller of a vehicle. These procedures are safe to perform and do not cause any physical or digital damage to the vehicle.

Similar repair procedures exist in the automotive space already however, they are performed by non-regulated operators without any formal confirmations or certification.

For access to the Vehicle Security Renewal Framework (VSRF) documentation, Contact Us.

  • Nationwide service to re-secure any car or LCV.
  • Formally certificated procedures with security confirmation.
  • The ability to control and trace the security history of a vehicle.
  • The ability to better determine the validity of policy claims.

Customer Experience

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