Fleet Sales & PDI

Working alongside fleet sales to maintain customer delivery dates and arrange pre-delivery and post-delivery key or lock related installations.

Your Problems

The complex nature of vehicle supply to market at the moment means Fleet Sales operations can go from zero to a hundred in a matter of days.

Making the arrangement for PDI activities and the additional installations or conversion works clients have asked to be supplied at source that much harder to coordinate and keep up with.

Where clients have asked for additional keys to be supplied, arranging this with internal departments can be awkward to manage and provides the opportunity for something to either go wrong or delay delivery dates.

As with any large automotive operation, it is invitaible that problems with keys and locks also occur during the import and preparation process - which can delay the delivery of vehicles to customers or cause problems that need to be fixed after customers receive delivery.

  • Arranging additional keys for clients pre-delivery can be awkward to coordinate, especially when transit between dealerships is concerned.
  • Keys are lost or damaged during PDI or conversion, delaying vehicle deliveries or causing problems to overcome after delivery has taken place.

Our Solution

Car Key Network supports PDI and Fleet Sales conversion activities by performing Vehicle Key Services at source prior to customer delivery.

Additional Keys

Approved access to OEM software means we are able to provide the same service that main dealers offer at PDI / Import centres or conversion specialists - providing additional / spare keys for up to 100 vehicles per day. In the vast majority of cases we're also able to supply additional keys at a cheaper rate than you can obtain internally.

Reactive Support

Where keys are lost, damaged or misrouted during PDI, import or conversion - we react quickly by issuing an engineer to site to resolve faults same-day - allowing you to maintain customer delivery dates.

Field Support

If the worst does occur and a vehicle has to be delivered with a key or lock related fault, our nationwide network of approved engineers means we can liaise with your customer to resolve the fault shortly after delivery.

  • Up to 100 additional keys supplied and programmed per day.
  • Cheaper access to additional keys than internal channels.
  • Reactive support to resolve faults before delivery.
  • Nationwide support to resolve faults after delivery.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Fleet Sales, PDI and conversion customers benefit mostly from our Site Based and Commercial Customer Experience Options.

   Site Based


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