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Your Problems

With today's modern purchasing methods mixing online buying with face-to-face business, customer experience from the point of enquiry right through to handover has become as important as target margins and volumes.

With so many vehicles in rotation, losses or damages of keys both before handover and afterwards is inevitable for any dealer.

So when a key related problem falls within a customer's collection date there’s very little that can be done other than postpone handover and let the customer down.

Local car locksmith services do not cater for prestige brands or the latest models and even through internal channels, acquiring replacements can be costly, taking weeks to arrange with sales departments left to pick up the bill.

If a key related problem occurs during or after the delivery of a vehicle, the result is an unhappy customer, negative reviews and increased costs.

  • Key related faults occur during vehicle preparation.
  • Solving key related problems after delivery is difficult.
  • Handovers are postponed due to long part delivery timescales.
  • Local car locksmiths do not cater for all makes and models.

Our Solutions

Car Key Network has close relationships with a number of major dealer networks and used car supermarket brands providing more than 1500 Vehicle Key Services per annum to this space.

Pre Handover Support

When keys are lost or damaged during vehicle prep, our multi-manufacturer programming capabilities mean that we can respond quickly to resolve faults using OEM parts quickly, keeping your operations running smoothly and helping to avoid disruption to customers with sold vehicles.

Post Handover Support

If spare keys do not arrive in book-packs of if a keys fails shortly after a customer takes delivery, it’s important the issue is resolved quickly. Utilising our network of vetted and approved engineers and workshops, we can pick up communications with customers on your behalf to provide replacement keys in whichever way is most convenient for your customer.

Where keys are supplied, customers will also receive a Vehicle Security Renewal for free, as part of our repair - better protecting your customers from future vehicle crime.

  • Replacement keys supplied at a customer's home address or place of work with clear communication and quality customer service provided throughout.
  • All key replacement repairs are certificated confirming the security status of vehicles and that the appropriate standards have been met.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Dealer & Online Retailer customers benefit mostly from our Consumer, Workshop and Shipment Customer Experience Options.




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