Corporate Fleets (SMR)

Working alongside fleet management to protect against and prevent the expensive impact of unscheduled downtime.

Your Problems

Ensuring vehicles remain operational is a task fleet management knows all too well. Efficiency is everything and rarely does a single implementation produce significant savings.

Even if fleet managers budget for unscheduled downtime, that doesn’t improve overall efficiency or reduce maintenance / repair costs.

In reality budgets rarely meet requirements leading to an inability to fulfil services, replacement vehicle costs, temporary personnel and increased demand on the remaining fleet.

Combined these costs for most SME fleets exceeds £700 pvpd.

Existing SMR channels provide access to resolve the most common faults quickly however, sourcing lock and key related repairs can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.

  • Unscheduled downtime caused by key and lock related faults creates operational fleet strain and spiralling unexpected costs.
  • Obtaining replacement specialist vehicles such as ambulances, refrigerated units, HIAB and welfare vehicles can be difficult.
  • Attempting to resolve key and lock related faults after an occurrence for vehicles in the field is frustrating and time consuming.
  • Obtaining special order parts (keys) for modern vehicles can take upwards of 3 weeks to obtain, further worsening the issue.

Our Solutions

Car Key Network provides nationwide Vehicle Key Services supporting the operations of large fleets.

Reactive Roadside Support

Direct communication lines between fleet management teams, your drivers and our support desk provides nationwide, reactive support when assets experience vehicle key faults - reducing vehicle key related unscheduled downtime into several hours compared to several weeks via main dealer channels.

Spare Key Restocking

Ultimately, the best way to protect against vehicle downtime is to ensure the fleet holds spare keys for each vehicle, even if that’s a plain style key without buttons. We can supply spare keys as part of a planned rollout, liaising with your drivers or depots at their convenience to provide spare keys for all your car and LCV assets. We then offer a key retention and secure shipping service delivering spare keys to depots and head offices around the country for safekeeping.

  • Reactive nationwide support to resolve faults in the field.
  • Largest selection of locks and keys in the UK.
  • Spare key restocking rollouts protect against future faults.
  • Secure shipping of spare keys back to offices for safekeeping.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Corporate Fleet customers benefit mostly from our Commercial, Workshop and Shipment Customer Experience Options.




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