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Helping to streamline your processes and maximise profits by completing security repairs off-site, freeing up your workspace.

Your Problems

Managing multi-manufacturer repairs is becoming increasingly difficult, especially when it comes to diagnostic and programming related works.

Continuous investments into specialist equipment, the training to use it and performing software updates outside of paid working hours is not a feasable solution for an industry operating on increasingly tight margins.

Stolen and recovered vehicles requiring simple key and lock related repairs take up space on site and courtesy cars whilst waiting for parts or outside contractors to arrive.

Local car locksmith services do not carry a complete range of programming equipment for newer models of vehicles leading to lost time and additional authorisations from clients.

  • The constant investment and updates of diagnostic equipment across multiple manufacturers is an increasingly difficult and time consuming task.
  • Providing courtesy cars and space on site for stolen and recovered vehicles requiring simple repairs creates strain on the rest of your operations.

Our Solutions

Car Key Network supports a range of bodyshop clients and their customers around the UK to providing a complete range of Vehicle Key Services and certificated Vehicle Security Renewals.

Bodyshop Site Support

We provide OEM key programming and lock replacement services for all makes and models anywhere in the UK. With a complete range of multi-manufacturer dealer level repairs for all makes and models, this service brings the capabilities of a main dealer workshop to your own site.

Home Address Support

For occasions when vehicles require simple repairs to re-establish security following a theft, we provide home address support to liaise directly with insurance customers to complete repairs at their home address or place of work, removing the need to provide space on site or courtesy vehicles.

  • Multi-manufacturer dealer level programming at your site.
  • Largest selection of keys and programming in the UK.
  • Security Renewals performed at customer's convenience.
  • Less requirement for space on site and courtesy vehicles.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Bodyshop & Repair Facility customers benefit mostly from our Site Based, Consumer and Shipment Customer Experience Options.

   Site Based



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