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Keep operations running smoothly by resolving key related problems for non-running vehicles both at your own site and at locations around the UK.

Your Problems

Whether we’re talking dealer px, fleet disposal or finance repossession, the objective is the same; Achieve the highest resale value in the shortest time frame.

Complications arise when key related problems occur on site, slowing the process of vehicles moving through your processes. Or your vendors have non-runner finance repossessions or stolen / removed vehicles vehicles without keys scattered around the UK.

Local car locksmiths cannot cater for a complete range of vehicles and attempting to arrange repairs at hubs around the UK is complicated and time consuming.

Include booking vehicles into dealership workshops or arranging recovery for inbound vehicles and the process quickly becomes less profitable for you and your vendors.

  • Vehicles without keys clogging your inbound or sale processes.
  • Non-runners with key issues do not meet maximum sale values.
  • Local locksmith services do not provide support for all models.
  • Arranging recovery for non-running vehicles is expensive.

Our Solutions

Car Key Network works with a range of auction and remarketing facilities to provide Vehicle Key Services anywhere in the UK.

Site Support

When you encounter key related issues with vehicles at your own site, we're ready to respond with the parts, equipment and knowledge to resolve these faults quickly and keep vehicles moving through the sale process.

With the largest selection of keys and multi-manufacturer dealer level programming in the UK available for all makes and models, this service is the equivalent to bringing a main dealer workshop to your own site.

Field Support

When vendors have non-runner vehicles with key related problems off-site at locations around the UK, our mobile response network can resolve these issues at their current location - removing expensive recovery costs and helping to ensure these vehicles meet their target sale price by demonstrating they're working vehicles on auction day.

  • Multi-manufacturer dealer level programming at your site.
  • Nationwide response for vehicles around the UK without keys.
  • Largest selection of keys and programming in the UK.
  • Removing recovery costs and demonstrate vehicle are working.

Customer Experience

Our products translate value to customers in different ways, depending on the nature of their industry or requirement.
We find that Auction & Remarketing customers benefit mostly from our Site Based and Commercial Customer Experience Options.

   Site Based


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