Industry Approval Process

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Car Key Network is a registered and certified Vehicle Security Operator (VSO), providing nationwide auto locksmith and vehicle security repair services to the UK's largest fleet and automotive organisations.

If you would like to begin working within the trade sector, you may want to consider joining our network. Before being eligible to perform repairs each of your operating personnel (engineers) must meet and maintain our industry approval standards. This is to ensure that we are providing a secure, high-quality service at all times.

Without valid information and in-date supporting documentation your application will be unsuccessful, and/or industry approval status revoked.

For more information or to discuss the progress of an application, contact Compliance on telephone: 0333 444 1908 (ext 3).

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How does Industry Approval work?




Supporting Documents


Health & Safety 1


Industry Approval

1. Registration.

To begin an application, register each of your operating personnel by submitting their personal and trading information Here. Your details will be forwarded to our Compliance team who will process your registration and then contact you to within 48 hours to obtain your supporting documents. Please Note: All engineers must register seperately, so if you have multiple engineers working for your company, you will need to complete the registration form multiple times.

2. Supporting Documents.

After completing your application registration, you'll need to submit supporting documentation to prove the information supplied is acurate and up to date. Supporting documents help us to validate your identity, trading status, background and security. Listed below is the current list of documentation required for each engineer to meet a successful application.

Trading Identification Company registration details and proof of address.
Trading Insurance Public & Property Liability (min £2m cover).
Trading History Minimum of 12 valid invoices dated within a 12 month period.
Trading Professional Appearance Photograph of your vehicle showing registration plate.
Personal Identification Photocard Driving License & Passport Photopage.
Personal Driving Check Code Available from DVLA website (
Personal National Insurance Number This can be found on your NI card, a recent payslip or letter from HMRC.

3. Health & Safety.

Finally, if each of your operating personnel do not already hold a valid health and safety qualification 1, they will each need to undertake a course before we can grant an approved status. In the majority of cases courses Car Key Network can facilitate an arranged course 2, which can be completed within a single day, providing a recognised qualification 3.

4. Industry Approval.

As a leading VSO we strive to create a more secure environment for vehicle owners, including both our corporate customers and the wider public in general. With this in mind, each Approved Engineer receives a Personal ID Card, valid for 12 months from the point of issue. Personal ID Cards can be shown to customers to provide an additional level of reassurance that they are dealing with a reputable VSO. There's a telephone number on the back of the card that can be used to verify your personal and company details. This is a free service provided by Car Key Network and is available for all your customers (not just those provided via our network).

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1 Valid Health & Safety Qualification - refers to an industry appropriate health and safety course equivalent to no less than OFQUAL Standards Level 2. Applicants already holding an equivalent or higher qualification should notify the Compliance team and provide proof of qualification including an expiration / refresh date along with their supporting documents to skip this stage.

3 Arranged Course - refers to either an in-person course undertaken at an OFQUAL Approved Training Centre. Or an online / distance learning course provided by Highfield Qualifications.

3 Recognised Qualification - refers to a 5 year qualified term. After 5 years has elapsed a refresher course is required to renew / maintain a valid qualified status.